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Beach Front Land Sub Division

Land and Off Plan Houses

Fortim Beach, Ceara, Nth East Brazil



Land Investment Opportunity

? Beach Front Land in Brazil

? From $13,500 USD per section.


- Set directly on the beautiful beach of Fortim, Fortim Residences offers the benefits of absolute beach investing.

- Fortim, Aracati and Canoa Quebrada are emerging hot spot beaches that are now firmly on the map within the booming Nth Eastern coastline and very much in the centre of the development strip.

- Until recently Fortim Beach and the nearby river front was reserved for the wealthy Brazilians who established their mansion style weekend and holiday homes on this dramatic coast.

- Now Fortim is home to significant foreign investment, planned mega resorts, golf courses and marinas including the 350M$
Fida group development.

- With the new International airport of Aracati just 20 minutes away this destination is set to change dramatically as the next wave of international interest arrives.



Fortim Images


Why Here? Why Now?

? Several factors indicate Brazil and in particular the Nth East for strong capital growth over the coming years.

? Strong economy set to be worlds 5th largest. Strong and stable currency.

? Population of 180 million. High % of the population is young and productive (entering home buying age) compared to the baby boomer countries (leaving home buying age).

? Rapidly growing middle class that are prospective home owners.

? Arrival of first mortgage system set to unlock decades of home owing desire among those able to service debt. Due to culture and pricing, many will purchase beach homes and continue to rent city residences.

? Strong foreign investment growth and new national organisation recently formed to further develop it.

? Significant investment in infrastructure leading up to the World Cup 2014 (World?s 2nd largest sporting event and Fortaleza is confirmed host city).

? Around Fortaleza alone this is over 4 billion USD and the new highways south are under construction.

? Full legal ownership for foreign real estate investors.

? Property purchases can be used towards the investment required for a resident visa.

? Fortaleza airport arrivals forecast significant growth.

? Fortaleza is Brazil?s most popular holiday destination due to its year round sun.

? Fortaleza is Brazil?s closest significant sun destination to US and Europe with several hours less fly time than Salvador or Rio.

? Fortaleza?s first golf courses are in construction now heralding a new wave of tourism.

? First direct flights from the US have only just commenced and are increasing in frequency.


More about this privileged location!

? Fortim Beach is less than 20 minutes drive from the new International airport of Aracati.

? With the runway complete and in testing and the terminal nearly complete, flights are set to commence in Jan 2011.

? This airport will be a major port during the world cup 2014.

? As well as International tourism, this airport will attract a lot of Brazilians who have proven to be significant investors in beach front Ceara.


Hot Spot?

Fortim Beach was selected for development of an investor targeted project as it fulfilled all the following hot spot criteria;

The beach must have ALL of the following;

- Be within an area with strong economic and tourism growth.

- Good road access from International airport (for apartments within 1 hour and raw land in 2 hours)

- Be secure and safe.

- Excellent tourism climate and low rainfall.

- Be a beach of obvious natural beauty with safe swimming and recreation

- Existing high quality tourism infrastructure such as restaurants, beach bars and tourist accommodation

- Not be subject to any existing or planned undesirable developments

- Be subject to existing and planned developments of significance that indicate the perception of the beach will be significantly higher (both volume and quality) within 1-2 years than it is now.

- Absence of any nearby poverty and the beach must have upper class Brazilian housing present that indicates it has already been selected by locals as being a more exclusive location that its neighbours.

- The presence of a significant development or change in infrastructure that will raise the locations profile.


The Region

? The energetic city of Fortaleza, a world cup 2014 host city is less than 2 hours away and Canoa Quebrada less than 30 minutes away.

? With several planned, in construction and already functional golf courses within 1 hour of Fortim this destination has many attractions for investors.

? With land prices much lower than the immediate coast to the Nth and Sth of Fortaleza, Fortim provides an extremely low entry point fro beach front investors. Mainly due to its distance from an International airport and grass roots tourism development, all is changing as this much awaited wave of development unfolds now.

? Local infrastructure is already present, with a fine selection of beach restaurants, Posadas, golf courses, shops and bars all within easy reach.


Beach Front Land Prices per M2, 2010.
Taiba   200 BR per M2
Praia Das Fontes   250 BR per M2
Porta Das Dunas   600 BR per M2
Cumbuco   500 BR per M2
Fortim   100 BR per M2


? It is important to note that during the financial crisis, whilst apartment values have stagnated and are only now starting to rise again, raw land has continued to grow strongly throughout. Generally land in developing beaches will appreciate between 30 and 60% per annum in the absence of any major catalyst (of which a new International airport is certainly one)







The Plots, Fortim Beach.

Payments from $300 USD per month.

- Sea Views, beach front development.

- 90% sold out, last few remaining (green dots in site map below)

- Over 200 foreigners have already invested here.

- Still an early bird, raw land investment opportunity. Invest before the volume arrives.

- Roads are complete and all sites have full access.

- Fully titled and Licensed for residential

- New airport opening soon

- Hot Spot beach for investment.

- Land bank or build once the airport is operating.

- Prices from $13,500

- Finance available with monthly payments from $300 per month

- Prices locked in USD, GBP or Euro means no currency risk.

- Off plan houses available. Construction prices starting from 800BR (480$USD) per M2 (approx 50$ per square foot) for mid level homes.

- Construction can be 40% of site and 2 floors. Typical 360 M2 site will allow for a quality 150M2 house (1500 feet) with pool, parking and gardens.

- New super highway arriving from Fortaleza. Already 20% completed this new road bypasses many small towns and bottlenecks and speeds connection to Fortaleza.




Pricing, Availability

The following plots are still available as at 18/10. Please check with us before reserving as these are selling at present.

? Finance is available (8% per annum) with 10% down and repayments from $300 USD per month. See following page for site map.

Status   SQUARE   LOT   SIZE m2   Price USD   USD M2
Available   20   30   396   18,500   47
Available   21   20   396   18,500   47
Sold   31   6   396     34
Sold   31   7   396     34
Sold   31   8   396     34
Sold   31   9   396     34
Available   31   14   396   15,000   38
Sold   31   22   396     34
Sold   31   23   396     34
Sold   31   24   396     34
Sold   31   25   396     34
Available   31   30   396   15,000   38
Sold   32   15   396    
Available   35   27   396   17,250   44
Available   47   32   495   17,250   35
Sold   49   9   396   19,500   49
Available   49   10   396   19,500   49
Available   49   11   396   19,500   49
Sold   49   12   396   -   -
Sold   49   13   396   -   -
Available   49   14   396   19,500   49
Available   49   25   396   18,000   45
Available   49   26   396   18,000   45
Available   49   27   396   18,000   45
Available   49   28   396   18,000   45
Sold   18   1   495   -   -
Sold   18   15   396   18,500   46
Sold   18   2   396   -   -
Sold   20   7   396   -   -
Sold   20   8   396   -   -
Available   20   23   396   21,000   53
Available   20   24   396   21,000   53
Sold   21   15   396   -   -
Sold   21   16   495   -   -
Sold   21   31   396   -   -
Sold   21   32   495   -   -


Plots with green dots are available.

- Prices from $13,500,

- Finance from $300 USD per month.

- Secure your beach front investment with a $1,000 reservation fee.


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